Vermonters want to put a stop to this global security and ecological crisis. Any permission of the ivory trade allows for abuse. 


Vermont State Representative to support the bi-partisan movement to end the ivory commerce in the Green Mountain State. 

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To Save Elephants, Ban Ivory Sales

Ivory Free Vermont is delighted to announce that Martin's Coins & Jewelry, a premier New England coin and jewelry dealer located in South Burlington, Vermont, is our state’s first official business champion of H.297 without exemptions. Click here to read more!

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'If there's a legal market for ivory, there's always going to be the illegal trade behind it.'

Pat Bosco,

Retired fish and wildlife special agent


Vermont's proposed commercial domestic ivory and rhino horn sales ban will be considered by the legislature when lawmakers reconvene in January.

'We know that if we don't put an absolute ban on the sale of ivory, that elephants will disappear. We know that.'

Jonathan Fishman,

Phish drummer, Vermont citizen, father

 Ivory Free  Vermont

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April 27, 2015

Lead the ivory ban 

April 23 2015

Citizens step up