Ivory Free  Vermont

Ban - without exemption - the import, sale, offer for sale, purchase, barter, or possession with intent to sell of any ivory, ivory product, rhinoceros horn, or rhinoceros horn product.

On January 26, 2016, H.297 (Vermont’s bi-partisan ivory and rhino horn trade ban bill) was successfully voted out of the Fish, Wildlife, and Water Resources Committee and now it’s on its way to the House! 

It is all on the line! A vote is likely to take place in the House soon.  It’s important that House members hear from their constituents TODAY. If you live in Vermont, please take a second to email or call your own town’s House Representative with the message, “PASS H.297!”  If you live in Vermont and don’t know who your representative is, please click here:  http://legislature.vermont.gov/people

If  you don’t live in Vermont, please forward this to EVERYONE you know who does! Now is the time to get this bill through the next phase of its journey to becoming a law. 

Last, take 10 minutes to watch this incredible video done by 12 year old Taegen Yardley and the kids at Vermont Commons on the crisis, movement, and solution here in Vermont.  You will be impressed!  Click here and share! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRM6y3XnezE.


Ivory Free Vermont


Launched: 2015

Contact: Ashley Prout McAvey


Areas of expertise: 
Education, Biology, Security, Ecology, Economics, Humanity, Global Stability, Public Policy, Commerce, International Affairs, Tourism in Africa

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What We’re Doing

Global March for Elephants and Rhinos in Burlington, Vermont
Vermonters united on Church Street in the heart of Burlington afor elephants and all endangered species. For details, visit: www.shelburnenews.com/2015/10/01/global-march-for-elephants-and-rhinos-to-happen-in-burlington/

Lead Advocate Ashley Prout McAvey and Rep. Kurt Wright Speak Up for Elephants

The Republican lawmaker calls for the end of all ivory and rhino horn commerce in the great state of Vermont alongside a Yale graduate and mother-of-two Shelburne resident.  

Jon Fishman of Phish Raises His Voice for Elephants, Rhinos, and Future Generations
'I understand that a big concern for the inconveniences that a ban on ivory would cause humans is the effect it might have on traveling musicians . . . I just can't begin to tell you how crazy and absurd I think that is.'

WCAX Interview with National Geographic writer Laurel Neme and Vermont elephant advocate Ashley Prout McAvey on Historic Measure Proposed to End of All Ivory and Rhino Horn Commerce

Citizens in the Green Mountain State support ending all ivory and rhino horn sales for future generations and to help save elephants and rhinos from impending extinction.

Interview with Vermont Elephant Advocate on The Organic View Radio Show 

Patriots in Vermont are called on to support ending ivory and rhino horn commerce which directly funds terrorists in Africa. 

Shleburne Elephant Advocate Makes a Difference for Keystone Species

Vermont residents, including children, mothers and fathers, raise their voices to support ending Vermont's role in the nefarious ivory and rhino horn trades - proving one can make a difference!

Elephants are being poached faster than they procreate to supply an unsustainable global demand for ivory.  Help us change that.


Citizens of Vermont are raising their voices to end the Green Mountain State's role in the nefarious ivory trade and rhino horn trade for future generations, global stability, the biodiversity of the earth, and national security.

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