Champions of Vermont's Proposed

Ivory & Rhino Horn Sales Ban:

Representatives Wright of Burlington, Lenes of Shelburne, Bartholomew of Hartland, Batchelor of Derby, Beck of St. Johnsbury, Browning of Arlington, Fields of Bennington, Long of Newfane, Macaig of Williston, Manwaring of Wilmington, Myers of Essex, Shaw of Pittsford, and Toleno of Brattleboro.

County Captain Volunteer Description

 The County Captain (or Co-Captains or Tri-Captains) will be responsible for generating information, energy, and awareness in their respective county to ensure the safe passage of H.297, a bill banning the import, sale, offer for sale, purchase, barter, or possession with intent to sell of any ivory, ivory product, rhinoceros horn, or rhinoceros horn product within the state of Vermont.

The County Captain will be the point person for their respective county and will be available to organize volunteers in their county to direct them to raise awareness and to encourage every person in their county to call or email their legislators stating they want full passage of H.297 without exemptions. 

The County Captains will encourage this through Front Porch Forum posts, participation in the October Burlington March for the Elephants, letters to the Editors, school visits (showing Born to Be Wild or other similar movie and initiating letter-writing campaigns by kids), hosting film showings at local libraries (such as Battle for the Elephants), and having booths and/or a presence at county gatherings such as local fairs or other locations where it is prudent to spread awareness. 

The County Captain will have an email and photo linked to their county on the County Map on and will collect names of interested volunteers under their leadership so that they can keep them posted on action items relating to H.297 and respond to needs from citizens within their county on how to get involved until the bill becomes law.  

The role is entirely volunteer and passion-driven and the County Captain will receive support from Ashley McAvey and her team members including talking points, action items, and updates. 


Add your voice to the vast majority of citizens in Vermont who fully support ending all ivory and rhino horn commerce to save these priceless species from extinction. Tweet now #ivoryfreeVermont in favor of a full ivory and rhino horn sales ban in Vermont.

Let’s send the message that Vermonters do not want to take part in the cruel ivory and rhino horn trade. Please contact your representative in support of this bill.


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